Sustainability Road Map

In the Harvard Business Review article The Sustainability Imperative, authors David Lubin and Daniel Esty wrote, “Most executives know that how they respond to the challenge of sustainability will profoundly affect the competitiveness and perhaps the survival of their organizations. Yet most are flailing around, launching a hodgepodge of initiatives without any overreaching vision or plan. That’s not because they don’t see sustainability as a strategic issue. Rather, it’s because they think they’re facing an unprecedented journey for which there is no road map.”

We are here today to help you see how to create a road map for sustainability within your organization and that it does not have to be difficult. In fact, when all of the critical areas of your organization are aligned with the right plan, it can be quite profitable and easy to implement. When your people and processes are aligned with an added commitment to the environment great things can happen!

Sustainability is a megatrend—a fundamental shift in the competitive landscape that creates inescapable game-changing opportunities and profoundly affects companies’ competitiveness and even their own survival. Megatrends require businesses to adapt and innovate or they will be swept aside
Why do we think sustainability qualifies as a megatrend? Because, over the past ten years the following areas have been fueling sustainability.

  • A stronger brand and greater pricing power
  • Greater operational efficiencies
  • More efficient use of resources
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Risk management (environmental)
  • Enhanced ability to enter new markets
  • Enhanced ability to attract, retain, and motivate employees
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Inevitability of regulation and reporting